Newlyfe Rust Mini Multi Purpose Towel

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Quick dry & compact waffle weave microfibre

Size = 75 x 50cm

In the same matching designs as Newlyfe's Bath Towels and with all the same quick dry, super absorbent. compact and lightweight features you’ve grown to know and love, Newlyfe's new MINI is BIG in the practicality department!!!

The perfect sized multi-function towel with a handy hanging loop – ideal for travel or home as a Baby Bath Towel, Bath Mat, Hand Towel, Tea Towel, Hair Towel, Golf Towel, Gym Towel, plus heaps more!

Product information 

IS IT ABSORBANT? YES! – The millions of ultra-fine microfibers dry you in seconds, the more you wash it the more absorbent it gets.

ULTRA COMPACT – In 2 handy sizes, 75 x 50cm and 150 x 80cm, both fold up super small to 1/4 the size of the same size cotton towel, saving you valuable space in your caravan or camper. 

HANG DRIES 2-3 x FASTER – thinner than cotton, it dries in no time and you can hang it anywhere with the handy hanging loop! 

SAND DOESN’T STICK – similar to Newlyfe's beach towels, waffle weave microfibre is completely flat with no loops in the fabric, so there’s nothing for sand, seaweed or twigs to stick to. As it dries give it a good shake and the sand falls right off! So if you want a Beach and Bath towel in one, this is ideal!

LUXURIOUSLY SOFT & PLUSH – the perfect alternative for anyone who prefers to use a traditional cotton towel to dry off with. Newlyfe's new premium waffle weave microfiber is slightly thicker than our beach towels, offering that super soft ‘plush’ feel that we all know and love after a shower!

DURABLE, EASY CARE – not only are they machine washable but due to their sand free and quick dry qualities, you don’t need to wash after every use. Ideal for camping, caravanning and everyday use at home when you don’t want to be washing towels every day!

Disclaimer: To reduce environmental impact, Newlyfe have purposely chosen to use digital printing processes over dyeing their fabrics to apply their designs. As a result, you may see some small white flecks appear on the darker waffle weave towels when the fabric is brushed. Please be assured this is normal and is not a fault in the fabric.