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The Standard Squeeze Chill

The Standard Squeeze Chill

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Want to keep your bottle of bubbles ice cold for hours without water dripping on the table? The Chill is for you! 

The Chill is the ultimate solution to keeping your bottle of bubbles/wine cold, whilst you drink and share it over the afternoon, evening and night.🥂

Keeping wine cold in a traditional bottle sleeve or ice bucket, means that every time you take it from the bucket, water goes everywhere and your hands freeze. 🥶 

The Chill's vacuum sealed, stainless steel design, means that its easier to grip and pour than a slippery naked bottle. The Chill will be warm to touch on the outside, whilst staying ultra cool on the inside, not that your bottle will last that long anyway...

It doesn't sweat or drip, so you can keep your table water stain free! 

To use, simply unscrew the lid, insert the bottle and screw the lid back on.

After a long day at work, going round to a mates place for a bottle or even date night at home, its time to CHILL! 🍾

The Chill currently comes in an elegant rose gold & crisp white.

A product of The Standard Squeeze 🤏

Go On... Have a Squeeze 🍻

* Fits most 750ml wine bottles

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