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Make living out in the wild a breeze by getting the highest quality camping gear in Australia at amazing prices! Pick up everything you could possibly need from us here at Wander Outdoors – WA’s newest and freshest outdoor adventure apparel and accessories store on the block. We offer the best quality camping gear from the finest brands in Australia and New Zealand. Take a closer look at our store to choose from our vast array of the most reliable camping accessories that you can find online or in physical stores.

Do you love camping outdoors and want gear that are strong enough withstand all types of weather and elements without breaking the bank? Are you looking for camping accessories that you can rely on when the going gets tough or in the direst of emergencies? Do you want premium quality camping equipment at prices that you can afford? Then, you have come to the right place because our store offers a wide range of the best-value gear for camping that offers the highest levels of protection, durability, portability, and functionality.


To get you started, let’s go with one of the most important camping essentials – shelter. We have the sturdiest tents that can stand up in the harshest of storms and the windiest of days and nights out in the wild. Then you can still snugly catch some Z’s with the comfiest of sleeping bags and blankets. If you’re not expecting inclement weather, we have the perfect fly or hammock for a more laid-back time of rest and relaxation. Whatever the scenario, we have super durable, easy-to-carry and quick to raise and take down shelters for any camping expedition.

Of course, you will want to be prepared for all types of medical emergencies, so we have an array of med and survival kits ready to treat injuries and illnesses while out on the trail, up a mountain, or at sea. Our all-in-one kits have everything from first-aid essentials like antiseptic wipes, trauma pads, dressings and bandages, shears, and more. You should never go outdoors without this because it could very well be the difference between life or death especially when you are out in the wild for long periods of time.

Next most crucial thing is hydration. We have insulated drink bottles, coolers, tumblers, mugs, and holders handy for all your camping beverage requirements. If you’re right in the thick of things, we even have hydration pack purifiers, on-the-go bladder and filters, medical-grade straws, and so much more. Yes, you need water for replenishment, but you will also want to have fire to keep you warm and light to see in the dark. So, having a lighter or sparker and even both could be a lifesaver! Plus, a lantern would be super convenient, wouldn’t it?

Another absolute lifesaver is having a sharp and reliable knife in your pocket or in its holder when you need it the most. Besides having an all-around tool to cut and slice things around camp, having a strong blade with you to protect you from wild animals or to sever a rope when you’ve fallen off the side of a mountain would be a godsend! A knife would be great but add a hatchet and/or a shovel and you’re pretty much set. Besides these essentials, our store offers a wide variety of other premium quality camp accessories that you should not go without!

Now is the time for you to get all the camping gear you need at amazing prices. Browse through our store to find exactly what you want!

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