Insulated Backpack Cooler

Ever wondered if there is a cooler that you can strap on your back, hold and keep your drinks cold with ice for an entire day, but won’t leave you soaking wet from water leaks, then our insulated backpack cooler is the answer!

Wander Outdoors offers you The Aussie Pal Insulated Cooler Backpack in Australia!

Whether you are going out on a day hike or a fishing trip, you will never have to worry about not having a cold beverage to quench your thirst. This is the ultimate backpack cooler you can find anywhere online or in physical stores!

Why Is It The Coolest Insulated Cooler Backpack Around?

Are you parched and want a cold drink ASAP? You’ve got it in the bag, mate! Grab one of our backpack coolers so you can easily pack up to 12 or 30 brews or any other cold beverages along with ice without the bulky awkwardness of a regular esky.

All you have to do is unravel the bag, drop in some ice, add your bottles or cans inside, and fold in the cold with the secure roll strap. It’s that simple! Having ice in it, your backpack cooler can keep your drinks cold for up to 12 or 24 hours!

Because of its state-of-the-art insulation technology which also keeps it waterproof inside and out, all your beverages inside stay cold for longer periods of time and you don’t have to worry about getting any annoying leaks when you are on the go!

Backpack Cooler Bag Features

Are you still not convinced that you need to buy our backpack cooler bag? Here are its amazing features that are sure to make you want it more!

  • Increased Cold Capacity Your ice and drinks can stay cool for up to 12 or 24 hours! That is half to one full day of knowing that you can grab a cold drink anytime you want!
  • High Drink Capacity Choose the 15L backpack cooler to hold up to 12 drinks and ice or the 35L backpack cooler to hold up to 30 drinks with ice!
  • Increased Insulation with Air Valve Keep your drinks cold for longer periods of time with improved insulation through a built-in air valve to maintain a cooler temperature all the time.
  • Air Valve to Flat Pack Store drinks quickly and easily by using the built-in air valve to flatten the pack as well as save space while traveling in private vehicles or public transport.
  • Waterproof and Leakproof Inside and Out Never worry about any leakage of fluids from the inside or your drinks getting wet when it’s raining, or you are out on the water.
  • Heavy-duty Grab Handle Be sure that your handle will never break even with a full bag with ice and drinks when you grab it quickly while you are on the go!
  • Durable Chest Strap & Double Shoulder Strap Wear your cooler like a backpack to bring it anywhere you want to go while having your hands free to bring other stuff you need for your outdoor excursions.
  • External Dry Zip Pocket Have more storage for bottle openers and other drink essentials as well as other small gadgets and equipment with a dry zip pocket on the outside.
  • Comes In Assorted Colours Take your pick from assorted colours to suit your style preferences or simply match your bag with our outdoor outfit.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your very own backpack cooler now!


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