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Walk, run, or jump out in the wild completely worry-free with premium quality men’s outdoor shoes at the best prices. Get all the best gear your feet could possibly wear here at Wander Outdoors – WA’s newest and freshest outdoor adventure apparel store. Get the latest and best outdoor footwear for men from the finest brands in Australia and New Zealand. Check out our store now to find the perfect size for you.


Do you love to go trekking in the outback, hiking up mountains, or fishing out in the open sea? Are you looking for the perfect footwear that won’t tear easily or leave your feet sore when you get home? Do you want the highest quality gear for your feet but at prices that won’t break the bank? Wander Outdoors offers you nothing less than the best men’s outdoor footwear you can find online or in brick-and-mortar stores.

Go ahead and take a closer look at our shop and you will find a wide range of premium quality footwear to suit different outdoor scenarios. Whether you are spending a lot of time traversing trails through rocks and mud, looking to reach the summit of your favourite peak, or going out on a boat to catch a swordfish, we have what you need. From the most rugged yet cushy boots to super durable gaiters to the most comfortable booties and jandals, you will be spoiled for choice.


We here at Wander Outdoors are proud to offer you the most comfortable yet ultra-durable footwear. Our team wouldn’t sell anything we ourselves wouldn’t wear. We’ve tried and tested our boots, gaiters, and fishing footwear and we can say that they exceed all expectations. You don’t have to take our word for it though. You can ask the hundreds of outdoorsmen who have purchased our footwear to date.

Designed specifically to be easy to wear and lightweight but can withstand continuous rugged use, the footwear we offer are built from best technologies using state-of-the-art techniques to deliver ultimate in comfort and durability. With us being the only ‘Authorised and Exclusive Seller’ of Stoney Creek apparel in Western Australia as well as offer exclusive brands like Crispi and The Mad Hueys, you can be assured of getting premium quality products at great prices!

So, get the best men’s outdoor footwear here at Wander Outdoors now!

Our Men’s Outdoor Clothing Collection

Men’s Boots

Get the most well-engineered boots designed to withstand everything from the hardest stone and gravel to the thickest brush and mud to the hottest and coldest of weathers. We offer boots from brands like Stoney Creek and Crispi. All our boots come in a wide range of various types and sizes to suit different outdoor scenarios.


Men’s Gaiters

Wear precisely designed and built gaiters that are built to effectively protect your feet from debris and keep dirt and water out of your boots. We have different types of high-quality gaiters from Stoney Creek that are perfect for trails and hiking. All our gaiters come in a variety of different types and sizes to fit your outdoor needs.


Men’s Footwear for Fishing

Put on the most comfortable deck booties and sport fishing jandals designed and made to make your fishing experience a relaxing and worry-free one. We offer jandals and booties from Stoney Creek that come in different sizes for all your fishing scenarios.


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