Kids Outdoor Clothing

Keep your little ones completely warm and cozy out in the wilderness or in the open water with premium quality kids outdoor clothing that won’t break the bank. Get all the clothes your children could possibly need at amazing prices here at Wander Outdoors – WA’s newest and freshest outdoor adventure apparel store. We have the highest quality outdoor clothing for kids from best brands in Australia and New Zealand.


Are your children always pining to go out camping or fishing with you? Do you worry about their regular clothes not being warm enough when it’s freezing or cool enough when it’s scorching hot outside? Are their jackets not able to keep them completely dry when it’s pouring out or when they’re on a boat? Then, you need to get them the right children’s outdoor clothing to suit their needs.

Browse through our store and you will find the perfect outdoor clothing for children that can help maintain the proper temperature and keep them snug and dry in all kinds of scenarios. We have everything from the coolest tees and shorts for when they are out in the sweltering heat of the sun to the warmest all-weather tops, pants, hoodies, and jackets for when it’s cold, snowing, or raining outside.


Our team here at Wander Outdoors take pride in providing parents and families with the best-value kid’s outdoor clothing. This means that all the children’s clothes for outdoors that we have in store can protect your little ones from the harshest weather and all the elements but at prices that you can afford. Our collections of outdoor clothing for kids are built using the highest quality materials and the latest manufacturing innovations to deliver maximum comfort and durability.

You get the best value because we have sourced our products from the finest brands in Australia and New Zealand that share the same passion and dedication for excellence that we have. Wander Outdoors offers premium quality clothing from The Mad Hueys, Swanndri, and Sand and Salt and we are the only ‘Authorised and Exclusive Seller’ of Stoney Creek apparel in Western Australia.

Our Kid’s Outdoor Clothing Collection

Kid’s Tops & Tees

Take your pick from super comfy yet very durable kid’s outdoor tops and tees from Stoney Creek, The Mad, Swanndri, and Sand and Salt. Our store offers the coolest short and long-sleeved shirts perfect for little boys and girls. We even have the cutest outdoor tops and tees for infants! Our range come in various sizes and materials as well as assorted colours, prints, and designs to suit children of all ages.


Kid’s Shorts & Pants

Select from our collection of cool and cozy kid’s shorts and pants from Stoney Creek and The Mad Hueys. We offer the perfect bottoms for all types of outdoor activities that your little ones will want to be a part of from easy-to-wear shorts to trackpants to overtrousers and more. These come in an assortment of sizes and materials as well as an array of different colours, prints, and designs for children of all ages.


Kid’s Hoodies & Jackets

Choose from the highest quality kid’s hoodies and jackets from Stoney Creek that will keep children warm and dry in all types of weather. Whether your little ones are camping out in the backyard, hiking in the wilderness, or fishing out in the open water, we have the perfect gear for them. Our hoodies and jackets come in all kinds of sizes and materials as well as different colours, prints, and designs for children of all ages.


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