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Keep your little ones safe and protected from the elements with the best kids outdoor gear at amazing prices. Get everything they could possibly need here at Wander Outdoors. Our shop is WA’s newest and freshest outdoor adventure apparel store that can equip your kids with premium quality outdoor gear from the finest AU and NZ brands. Take your pick from loads of awesome yet super reliable outdoor gear for children.


Do you love taking your kids on camping and fishing trips? Are you looking for outdoor gear that’s comfortable for children to use but are exceptionally safe and durable? Is your child fussy about what they want to wear outdoors? Well, you have come to the right place because we have put together a collection of the perfect outdoor gear for kids.

Check out our store to find the comfiest outdoor clothing to keep the little ones warm when it’s cold out, cool when it’s blistering hot, and dry when the rain is pouring or they’re out on a boat. Have them wear our lightweight and ultra-comfortable tops and tees, shorts and pants, hoodies and jackets designed specifically to make the outdoors super cozy for kids.

Want footwear to protect your little boy or girl’s feet when hiking or camping? Our store has everything from rugged boots and gaiters to fishing jandals and deck booties. Of course, you will want to keep their cute heads warm and dry, so you must get them all-weather caps, hats, and beanies. Then, round out their outdoor outfit by protecting their eyes with Knockaround Sunglasses!

Having the children’s threads covered, they will need the absolute camping, hiking, and fishing essentials. Keep your kids hydrated by having handy insulated drink bottles, tumblers, mugs, and holders to keep their beverages warm or cold. We know that children love camping. So, we have everything from tents and hammocks to ropes and cords to med kits and so much more for the ultimate outdoor camp experience.

Do you want to teach the kids how to use a knife properly and safely? Our shop has the perfect knives for them to start using. Show them how to use everything from fixed blades and folding knives to tantos to rescue hooks and strap cutters. We understand that children’s safety is of the utmost importance, so we leave that responsibility in your capable hands.

Does the family dog go hiking or on the boat with you? We have the perfect outdoor accessories for your fur buddies so they’re just as safe and protected as the kids. Get everything from collars and leashes to dog coats and life jackets to med kits and water bottles and so much more. And now that the children and the dog have all they need, put all their gear in easy-to-carry but super durable backpacks, bags, and coolers so everyone’s ready for an outdoor adventure!


Our team here at Wander Outdoors takes pride in providing the most comfortable and awesome looking yet the safest and extremely durable outdoor gear for kids. This is why we have partnered with the best brands from Australia and New Zealand with the same passion and dedication for delivering the highest standards of quality and safety excellence.

Wander Outdoors is the only ‘Authorised and Exclusive Seller’ of Stoney Creek apparel and accessories in Western Australia. Our store also has exclusive brands like Newlyfe Towels, Swanndri, The Mad Hueys, and Knockaround. We are proud to have these brands with us so we can offer you the highest quality outdoor gear at the best prices available anywhere online or in brick-and-mortar stores!

Make sure your kids are kept safe and protected from the elements with the best kid’s outdoor gear in the market today!

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