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Saltwater Picnic Co Golden Palm Leaves Picnic Rug

Saltwater Picnic Co Golden Palm Leaves Picnic Rug

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Large, Stain Proof, Water & Sand Resistant, Machine Washable & Crafted from 100% Recycled Fabrics.

A true holiday feel with a mix of golden bronze palm leaves, light sage and pink tones.
Saltwater Picnic Co's Golden Palm Leaves rug has become part of their federation design collection. Golden Palms , like all Saltwater Picnic Co. rugs, is sustainably crafted using recycled materials that are water, stain and sand resistant while also being machine washable.

Stain Proof // Machine Washable

To create the perfect Picnic Rug, Saltwater Picnic Co had to start by ensuring that it was going to be totally useable. Picnics are usually on surfaces that are anything but flat ... and there are usually kids involved. This means you are definitely going to have to deal with a drink spill and/or food mess at some point. So you can relax more and stress less, with Saltwater Picnic Co as they use techniques and materials that make their rugs stain proof and machine washable.

Eco-Friendly // Sustainable

Every single piece of fabric used to make their gorgeous picnic rugs are created from recycling plastic water bottles. The stain proof upper, the waterproof bottom, the comfy filling in between and the piping that holds it all together are all eco friendly recycled fabrics. Saltwater Picnic Co reduce their carbon footprint by working with supply partners that utilise sustainable energy and offset by planting trees through Ecologi. 


Each rug is a large 2m x 2m, made from a single material piece (no joins) and contains a 150gsm filling making it super comfortable to spend as much time as you need hanging with family and friends.

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