Stoney Creek The Rock Pullover

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Color: TCA
Size: Small

Designed for the active hunter, the Rock Pullover is our technical mid layer piece that will keep you warm, comfortable and on-the-move. Made from our stealthy Core Series fabric, this highly breathable garment ensures that you will be hunting silently and in absolute comfort, helping gain you the edge during your next outdoor adventure.


  1. High collar for secure warmth and insulation
  2. Half zip for a easy on and off option
  3. Underarm gussets for unrestricted movement, and low bulk under rainwear layers
  4. Silent outer face which is 80% windproof
  5. Large chest pocket for secure gear storage
  6. Large side pockets for extra storage options
  7. Low profile stretch cuffs for less bulk


Get closer by staying silent, the high brushed Polyester suede face stops noise in its tracks.


Core series unique bonded fabric promotes air permeability to remove built up trapped heat, keeping you more comfortable when active. 


The DWR soaked outer sheds moisture, keeping you more comfortable while accelerating dry times.


Core Series fabric combines two performance layers into a lightweight warm, wind resistant fabric. Wear it as a warm mid layer, or fine weather outer layer.


Our technical mid layer piece for the active user. The Rock Pullover is designed to keep you warm, comfortable and on the move. Made from our Core Series fabric which blocks the majority of the wind.


Notes on Washing: To extend the life of the garment and for best performance, use a small amount of non-scented LIQUID detergent and gentle wash at a temperature below 40º Celsius. DO NOT use powder detergents, fabric softener or chlorine bleach. Powder detergents include artificial scents, UV brighteners and abrasives that will reduce the life of the garment.

Care after every use: Clean or wipe down any dirt, blood, sweat. Ensure your rainwear layer is fully DRY before you store it away. Ensure that the environment where you store your garments is in a dry damp-free place. Ensure rainwear items are hanging up and not stored in a cram bag or screwed up in a heap.

Durable Water Repellency (DWR): If you notice that the water is not beading off the outer surface it’s time to replenish the DWR. Wash your garment through a standard wash cycle (use liquid detergent), then you can wash it again using an in-wash DWR replenisher (at 30°C) OR a spray on DWR replenisher. Dry the garment at a LOW temperature in a tumble dryer or air dry.